Friday, February 14, 2020

Pat Obrien New Orleans

 I recently visited Pat Obrien‘s restaurant in New Orleans and I have to say it’s quite a unique experience. When you enter the restaurant you come into a beautiful courtyard where you may have your lunch or drinks a great atmosphere. If you order the famous drink the hurricane you can purchase the glass it comes in  for just a few dollars  it is a very nice designed glass and will be a plus for you in your collectibles. They also have a very reasonable menu we ate a very tasty and enjoyable meal for a total price of $32. On the appetizer menu if you order the fried oysters they only cost $14 and you get a little over a dozen. My wife had blackened redfish which was outstanding. The service there is very good the  waiters  are very knowledgeable about the menu. So if you want a very enjoyable meal in a outstanding atmosphere  check out Pat Obrien’s in the French quarter. #PatObrien‘s

Bernie Sanders

  It looks like the Democratic Party is running scared of Bernie Sanders and I think that they should be. If uncle Bernie becomes their nominee I don’t think he can beat the President of the United States with all his radical ideas.  Basically this man wants the federal government to control every aspect of your life do you really want a Washington bureaucrat to decide your future? I don’t think so. I cannot even imagine what his cabinet would look like if he won the presidential race.  How would you like AOC  making life decisions for you?  Bernie wants to bring her green deal to all of us can you imagine the chaos this would cause.   Bernie says he’s a democratic socialist I myself believe he is nothing but a communist.  These primaries in South Carolina and Nevada will tell us a lot.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Beau Rivage Casino & Buffet

 If you really want to get in the Christmas spirit you should visit the Beau Rivage  Casino their main lobby is decorated with huge nutcrackers Christmas ornaments and various Christmas scenes really put you in the spirit and is so well done. I would go in the morning then you can catch their breakfast buffet which is reasonably priced and has a great selection of breakfast foods. You can try  dishes like bananas foster or I have your omelette made to order.  There is also a great selection of pastries.  You won’t have to wait long to be served as the hostesses are very efficient as are the servers  truly professionals.  So for a unique Christmas experience visit the Beau Rivage Casino and buffet.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Hard rock casino Biloxi,Ms.

 Last week I tried the new satisfaction buffet at the hard rock casino in Biloxi Mississippi.  It was a very nice experience  I truly enjoyed it. They have completely redone the dining room and it is a nice updated and modern version. They have a new chef who I believe came over from the palace casino and the food is excellent with a great variety to choose from.  They have several discounts you can use just check at the players club when you go in. I believe you will enjoy this buffet so give it a try.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Cafe Du Monde

 When visiting New Orleans a stop at the Cafe Du Monda is a must.   The best time to go there would be after breakfast otherwise you would probably have to wait about 20 minutes to get a table. The average weight is about 10 minutes but most of the times that I’ve been there I’ve been able to get a table right away it just depends on your luck  they are open 24 hours a day they only close on Christmas day or if they have a hurricane in New Orleans . The café was established in 1862 and has been going strong ever sense. They are famous  for their coffee and  beignets.  I myself prefer there coffee au lait  but you can get regular coffee also. The café produces about 30,000 beignets a day.  They are located directly across from Jackson Square the heart of the French Quarter.  If you are a coffee lover I’m sure you will enjoy your visit to Cafe Du Monda enjoy.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Pat O’Brien’s New Orleans

 If you would like a  Great dining experience you should try  Pat O’Briens in New Orleans. It is located just off of Bourbon Street and is easy to find. You have two options here you can dine in the courtyard or in the restaurant either one  is very good.  The drinks are very reasonable and you might want to try the hurricane which they are famous for. But what I want to recommend is on the appetizer menu  The fried oysters in a peanut sauce are the best I’ve ever eaten so if you love to eat oysters this is a must. For a truly unique dining experience and entertainment be sure to check out Pat Obrien’s in New Orleans.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Old Florida Grill & Oyster House

If you enjoy eating oysters on the half shell . You might want to try the Old Florida Grill & Oyster House. Located on US One in Cocoa, Florida.

Here you will find a raw bar that is second to none serving the best oysters from Apalachicola, Florida. You can purchase a half a dozen oysters all the way up to a bucket . You can also eat inside or dine outside. They have a beautiful deck over 50 foot long. There is  a tiki bar located right on the river with a great view. You can even bring your boat around as there is parking for about 10 boats. They also have live entertainment on the weekends.

The prices are very reasonable for example you can get a fish and chip basket for only  $6.99, or how about a shrimp and scallop basket for $12.99.  So for an enjoyable and delicious time try the  Old Florida Grill and Oyster House for a unique dining experience.

Friday, September 14, 2012

House of Blues /Downtown Disney

The House Of Blues located in downtown Disney is a unique club that offers live music while dining on southern and international cuisine.

Some of the goodies on the menu include shrimp and grits, street tacos, and flatbreads. The old standbys cornbread pork sandwiches and burgers are still on the menu also.

If you like gospel music you should attend the Sunday brunch, which features southern cooking while listening to some of the best gospel groups in the country.

There are various types of entertainment offered their such as blues bands, rock, reggae, and jazz. So while on your Disney vacation, or if you're a local check out the House Of Blues for a unique dining experience.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

El Rey La Gamba

The restaurant El Rey La Gamba is located in the old town of Barcelona near the harbor.

If you are looking for a well-prepared Spanish,dish of Paella you will find it in this restaurant when visiting Barcelona . This restaurant must be on your list to dine. There is indoor and outdoor dining available. This restaurant is also known for seafood, such as shrimp prepared on an open grill with various spices . The shrimp was some of the best I have had in Spain, and you will enjoy it immensely. You do not need a reservation but at peak times. You may have to wait for a table as it is a popular local hangout also. If you like mussels you are in for a real treat. The price range of the food could run from $29-$56 but it is well worth it. So when in Barcelona, be sure to visit this restaurant and you will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Travel Alert

I would love to be able to discuss hotels and restaurants today, but there is a travel alert that you must be aware of. We normally review hotel and restaurants worldwide, but today, we must discuss the events happening in the Middle East. Our embassies in Libya and Egypt have come under attack, and the ambassador in Libya has been murdered, along with three staff members. They were gunned down in the street like dogs. So if you are planning travel to any Muslim countries. You should probably cancel it immediately for your own safety. If they can kill the ambassador, what chance do you think you would have. The Obama administration will not take any action to assist you. Should you run into trouble. You're basically on your own. So traveler beware.