Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Norwegian sky the Palace

If you happen to be sailing on the Norwegian sky be sure to check out the Palace restaurant located on deck five mid ship.

This is truly a unique restaurant with a dining experience you will not soon forget. It is billed as a formal restaurant but casual and shorts are permitted. Upon entering the restaurant you will be greeted by the hostess who will show you to your table. Once seated the waiter will bring you your menu take your beverage order and return to take your main entree order. All items on the menu are excellently prepared and the service is world-class second to none. So if you want to enjoy an incredible dining experience check out the Palace restaurant while aboard the Norwegian sky it's an experience you will not forget.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Great Sandwich

If you are in search of the ideal sandwich you just might find it in Biloxi Ms.. I know what you are thinking with all the casino of course they would have a great sandwich but you would be mistaken.

During my four day stay in Biloxi I discovered a small restaurant off the beaten path three or four blocks from the major casinos. That name of the restaurant was Schooners the original restaurant was destroyed by hurricane Katrina but was rebuilt at its present location. You have a variety of poorboy sandwiches from crab meat to roast beef. They also serve some mouthwatering seafood gumbo. You can always tell a good restaurant when you find local people eating there that is the case at this great restaurant. The staff and service is second to none very friendly and knowledgeable. So if you're in Biloxi Ms. And want to have an enjoyable eating experience make sure you check out Schooners you won't be disappointed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Palace Casino and Resort

The palace casino and resort located on the Back Bay of Biloxi Mississippi is the only smoke-free casino on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Last year I spent the Christmas season at the Palace casino and had a quite enjoyable time my room was very nice and well laid out. The room overlooked the Back Bay and the Marina which is located at the casino. When checking in you will receive $10 in free slot machine play and a $20 food voucher. I only ate breakfast there but it was very good. I have eaten the buffet before and it is also very nice they also have an Asian buffet which is very good. While I was there they were renovating the entrance to the hotel I was in the area about a week ago and they had finished I had look quite elegant. The hotel rate was very reasonable and the only time they raise their prices is for New Year's Eve. So if you're going to visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast I would highly recommend the Palace Casino and Resort.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Overpayment Scam

You have just returned from a fabulous vacation when opening your mail you discover a refund check from the hotel you stayed at stating you overpaid your bill and are due a refund.

This this is one reason that you do not discuss while on vacation with a stranger at the hotel any personal information such as your hometown telephone number or address you must always be on guard for the vacation scammed.

In the check that you receive will be very authentic looking but will be more that your refund. You will be instructed to send the difference in a money order or cashiers check to the address listed. Once you have deposited the check and sent the remaining funds in a few days the check will bounce and you will be stuck with the over draft and bank charges. The simple solution is made sure the check cleareds the bank before anything is done. You might also call the hotel accounting department to see if this is a valid offer.