Monday, November 21, 2011

The Gaylord Hotel Orlando Florida

The Christmas vacation season is fast approaching if you have not made your plans you might consider a holiday in Orlando Florida. This is one of the most visited places in the world.

If you do plan to come to Orlando you might consider making reservations at the Gaylord Hotel as it is a magnificent place to stay. It really does live up to its reputation as the coolest place to stay in the December as it features a world of ice. This magnificent hotel featuring 20,000 feet of winter wonderland ice sculpture with a cool temperature of 9° sure to wear your coat. This year it will include five 30 foot ice slides. This display will be featured from November 16 through January 2. So if you want to have a Christmas holiday that will create memories that will last a lifetime check with your travel agent about the Gaylord experience you won't be sorry.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Florida Gulf Coast

If you are traveling on I-10 in the state of Florida heading north you might want to take the scenic route along the Gulf Coast.

If you leave I-10 for example around Pensacola Florida and follow the signs to the beaches you can drive along the scenic route for many miles. You will find this a very pleasant drive with many things to see such as sand dune beaches, great picnic areas on the beach and many small mom-and-pop stores that you cannot fine on the the busy interstate.

Along this route you will find many small hotels with reasonable rates facing the Gulf of Mexico you will be able to catch a beautiful sunset over the gulf right from your balcony. This also wikk breakup your trip as you're not watching the same dull scenery over and over again. So when traveling in this area take the scenic route there are many opportunities to get back on the interstate all along the way it is just up to you when.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Café Dumont

If you have plans to visit the great city of New Orleans Louisiana a must stop on your tour of the city would be the Café Dumont.

This is a unique indoor outdoor café that serves coffee and the powdered sugar covered Beignet this is a experience you will not soon forget. Upon entering the café you seat yourself depending on the time you may have to wait a few minutes especially in the morning. But it is worth the wait. You will notice many waiters roaming around taking orders they will eventually come to you and take your order.

The coffee and pastries served here are really delicious and can only be found in New Orleans. The coffee is a strong coffee but served with steamed milk on top similar to what you would get in Spain. The pastries are very unique and will only be found in New Orleans.

When leaving the café if you look directly across the street you will see that they have a small store selling their coffee and various items connected to the café at reasonable prices. So for a unique and different experience be sure to visit Café Dumont while in the great city of New Orleans. The café is located right along the riverfront in the French Quarter of New Orleans you can't miss it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


If you are looking to escape from the world and leave all your stress and problems behind you may I suggest the Wyndham resort in Nassau.

If you enjoy chasing the sun across the Caribbean the Wyndham resort is just the place for you. With over 1000 feet of sugar white find beaches and breath taking views of the Caribbean you can't go wrong. This resort has its own private lagoon or oceanfront pool with a swim up bar. If you enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling in beautiful waters not to mention water skiing and para sailing then you have found your own paradise. They also offered nine different restaurants to satisfy your palate. So get rid of that stress and find your way to a unique paradise in Nassau Bahamas.